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Key Howard

Key Howard is a successful actor and voice talent whose credits include numerous motion pictures,television programs and commercials.
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Ain’t Life Grand! captures moments of every day life to make us laugh, cry and ponder the wonder of the human experience. Enjoyed by audiences of all ages, Ain’t Life Grand! is, at once, humorous, thoughtful, philosophical and inspirational.

Written, produced and narrated by master story-teller Key Howard, these 90-second vignettes draw from both fact and fiction to entertain audiences with tales that reflect family, personal responsibility and integrity, and the resilience of the human spirit.  Active within his own community of Orlando, Key knows that nothing motivates and inspires enthusiasm for life and the tasks at hand more than a positive outlook and laughter. In one episode of Ain’t Life Grand! Key will share a true story from the life of a notable person.  In another, he’ll compile a series of hysterical one-liners that reflect our fast-paced and often absurd daily existence.

150 television broadcast-ready episodes of Ain’t Life Grand! are immediately available.  This program is also available in radio format.  View a sample here.

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contact Gary Watts at 407-758-8853

Key Howard on Growing Bolder